A hill road that curves through the fields, hazelnut trees and vineyards in a territory called ALBA, LANGHE, ROERO. Borgo Casa Scaparone is a dream, a place out of Time, unique by vocation.
This small world has preserved its history and language
for 500 years.
To get in, you cross a threshold, a big silent gate, that attentive visitors admire with the amazement of a child listening to the beginning of a fairy tale or observing a moving cloud or the color of a flower.

An apparent non-alignment. A place perceived as non-conventional space.

A reality made of many stories,
all of which contain anecdotes, silences, music and flavors.
Each story tells about peace, attention and care.
It tells about identities: women and men who silently,
politely and genuinely are part of one big family.
Harmony, delicacy.
A cabbage growing next to grapes.
The wheat next to the weeds which enrich it with truth and strength,
the books next to the watercolors.

Nothing is created by chance in nature.

A big vegetable garden which feeds us with its fruits,
a land that is looked after with respect
and worked by humble hands which don't expect to make a profit from it.

Authentic, punctual and real food.

CASASCAPARONE aims to preserve the energy

of its homegrown vegetable raw materials.
The delight of good food and conviviality at the table; the pleasure of savoring tradition through authentic flavors.

Those who know how to observe, who can marvel at essences,
those who want to be touched by a giant nothingness,
by a little color,
those who want to believe in fairy tales, will find here ancestral peace.

CASASCAPARONE moves slowly
and sinuously in the thoughts of its guests,
it captures their hearts.

It's a small world to be discovered by walking.
It's a handwritten letter.
It's a place which expresses itself through an essential language.

The rooms, devoted to rest, take guests back to a sacred and silent memory evoked by carefully restored objects and materials.

A lantern, a lock, an old suitcase, a manuscript, a plaster molded by time.

Let your heart be warmed. Sense a festive atmosphere. With us.

There are faces, there are smiles. There is music, there is silence.
There is a Time. There are paths, there is a village, there are scents.
There are poems, there are stories, there are colors. There are hills,
there are woods. There is a big vegetable garden.
There is the opportunity to rediscover yourself. There is a sense of rurality and belonging.

A respect for what was there before us.
There is the serenity not to create other languages.


osteria, rooms, swimming pool, meeting room, events and weddings
Località Scaparone, 45 12051 Alba (CN ) Italy
+39 0173 33946


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